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Failed Home Inspections

For Home Owners, Property Management Companies, Real Estate Agents, who are needing fast, dependable attention with a failed roof inspection, Merritt Roofing is ready to assist you.

Below you will find the typical checklist a home inspector will use for checking your roof. Call us for any fixes and our discounts for home inspection repairs, or re roofs.


A typical home inspectors roof inspection checklist:

____ Composition shingles: no curling, no cupping, no loss of granulation particulate, no broken, damaged or missing shingles, no more than two layers of roofing

____ Wood shingles or shakes: no mold, rot or decay, no cracked/broken/missing shingles, no curling

____ Flat roofs: no obvious patches, no cracks or splits, minimal blisters/"alligatoring" and wrinkles, no silt deposits (indicates improper drainage), sealed tar at flashings

____ Flashing around roof penetrations

____ No evidence of excess roofing cement/tar/caulk

____ Soffits and fascia: no decay, no stains

____ Exterior venting for eave areas: vents are clean and not painted over

____ Gutters: no decay or rust, joints sealed, attached securely to structure, no bending or sagging, no sections of gutter or downspout missing, gutters clean, no mud deposits

____ Chimneys: straight, properly flashed, no evidence of damaged bricks or cracked joints, mortar/cement cap in good condition